Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chart-Topping Recording Artist to Release a Family-Friendly Holiday Movie, "Christmas in Hollywood"

Recording artist Bertie Higgins with his company, Cayo Largo Productions, LLC and Reno, NV based R Squared Films is preparing to release an endearing family, comedy entitled, "Christmas in Hollywood." The movie has already won several festival awards. It stars Bertie Higgins, Chinese singing sensation Jiang Zi Long and Darren Dowler, the lead singer of Paul Revere's Raiders.  Higgins and Dowler directed and co-wrote the film.  This is a wonderful story with a great moral message. During the test and festival screenings the main viewer comment was that they cried and really laughed for the first time in years and that suddenly the world seemed like a better place.

The movie is about a young boy saving his father's Chinese restaurant from an evil banker. The father owned the property and the bank wanted the property for a new condo development. The bank figures out a tricky way to illegally foreclose on the restaurant just before Christmas. The 12-year-old boy, played by Jiang Zi Long, then sets out on a journey with his Uncle Bart, played by Bertie Higgins, and an Elf, played by Darren Dowler, to find Santa Claus and save Christmas along with the restaurant in the process. The movie is very funny, fast-paced and just makes the viewer feel good.

On November 18th, this year, the feature will have a release on over 80 major cable television networks in North America including Canada and will be available for video on demand download. It will also be featured several times between Thanksgiving and New Year's on the Chinese oriented ICN television network and in early December it will be presented on DVD/Blu-ray.  Bertie, no stranger to hits, had his first number-one song, "Key Largo", which began his successful, international recording career in the 1980's.  Bertie says "Whether it's music or movies, you often know when you have a hit and we feel that "Christmas in Hollywood' has all the indications of being a hit."  As Bertie further explains, "Hopefully, for many years in the future, everyone will be watching "Christmas in Hollywood" as part of their Christmas holiday regimen."  There is also a soundtrack album available from Toucan Cove/Universal Music on ITunes and Amazon.

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