Monday, November 3, 2014

Cylence Media teams with JOAH Films to produce a film called "Stay"

Cylence Media Management (CMM) has announced the launch of its collaboration with JOAH Films, founded by Krystle Hickman, to executive produce and back the drama/thriller short film entitled “Stay”.

According to organizers, the short film will feature a diverse background of filmmakers, include "Captain America" visual effects specialist Jon Julsrud and Composer Mike Meehan who has produced score for film such as "The Red Dahlia" and and television's "Cold Case". Cast members will be selected jointly by JOAH Films and Cylence Media.

The director, Ruth N. West was chosen based on her previous work to create this new short film, which is expected to be 16-21 minutes in length. Through this film JOAH will demonstrate the motivating ability to be moved by the tough decisions that are determined by fear, adding dynamic storytelling of abandonment and the challenge that our conscious plays and reinforces that each moment in our lives are a gift, even during despair.

The film, with production starting in late Fall 2014 from Hickman's original script, is about a young woman who is slowly losing her Mom to illness decides she absolutely can’t deal with the on-coming loss, so she abandons her family. Her conscience starts to drive her crazy when it literally starts inscribing the abandonment mistakes in her skin.

"Cam, the lead character of 'Stay', is going through what a lot of people have experienced at least once in their life. The experience of having an ever present security bubble to suddenly burst.  What is so horrible about this is that we aren't aware we have this security in the first place." say's Hickman.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with JOAH Films on this endeavor,” said managing producer Mike Williams about the partnership. “The vision of this film and the story that it can tell about fear, how to deal with that fear, and the realization of mistakes is a strong story and to pack it into a short film will deliver nothing but world class entertainment. We are thrilled to be able to help showcase this film and the strong filmmakers behind it to the world.”

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The first presentation of the short will take place at a reception in Los Angeles in February with a world premiere honoring those who have supported the creation of the film. Following the premiere screening, the shorts will circuit top Film Festivals throughout the country. CMM selected the short film format as it displays a key cornerstone change within the future of cinematography. The film will be developed by crew-members chosen by the companies and director from a pool of individuals considered as the best up-and-coming talents in the industry.

The "Stay" Short Film will premiere in early 2015 with an expected Theatrical release. In the meantime, the films’ progress and production can be followed through the offcial website, in addition beginning Monday, Sept. 29, individuals may pledge support to the film's production via Kickstarter found through the website above.

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