Saturday, November 29, 2014

Marshall Barnes To Rock Tri-County UFO Event with Update On Time Machine Connection to Interstellar

Internationally noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes will return to Alliance, OH to speak at the November 8th Tri-County UFO Group meeting at the Perkins Restaurant. He'll be giving updates on the development of the first time machine, the Verdrehung Fan™, which he invented in August of 2012, and connections between it and the new Matthew McConaughey movie, Interstellar.

"I think it's interesting, that they have this super massive wormhole in space in Interstellar and I'm opening micro wormholes here on Earth with the Verdrehung Fan™."

The idea that traversable wormholes could be opened on Earth will be unbelievable for some, especially the movie's science advisor, Kip Thorne, but Marshall has lectured successfully on this issue at the International Space Development Conference last May in Los Angeles, California.

"The scenario is rather simple," Marshall says."If you look at any regular description of micro wormholes, you'll find that the idea is that perhaps something can be used to tease them open and then make them stable. Negative energy is often part of the description, but all of that is a long way away from reality. What I'm doing isn't, however, and this is how it's done. I'm applying torsion effects created from the STDTS™ field that incapsules the Verdrehung Fan™ as it rotates. As that field rotates, it is causing a contracting warping effect on space and time. That effect also is effecting the quantum foam of space-time which is the level at which micro wormholes are located and are constantly, rapidly opening and closing. This torsion effect elongates and distorts the micro wormholes, holding them open longer over time which then enables us to transmit RF and IR waves into them. With increased power, I believe that a large, single wormhole can be created. The reason why it could be held open without negative energy is because I'm using a mechanism that is creating the torsion in the first place, which the other models don't provide for. It's the same as the force that keeps a whirlpool in your sink open - the volume of water rushing toward the drain keeps the whirlpool in action and the torsion effect created by the rotating mechanism, enveloped in the STDTS™ field, does the same in the case of a wormhole that we might create on a larger scale than where we are currently. The optical effects, and the creation of ozone without the use of high voltages, indicates that there are in fact forces being applied on the quantum level and the experimental results fit what the New Scientist published about Luke Butcher's research at Cambridge University in England".

The New Scientist article that Marshall refers to is Skinny Wormholes Could Send Messages Through Time (see ) and was published a day after Marshall gave his presentation on the physics behind the Verdrehung Fan™ at the International Space Development Conference's SpaceUp session.

Marshall has plans for starting a major project that will include research and design the construction of a 20 ft "stargate" with a complete control room and supporting equipment, derived from research that he has performed based on the theories of the late John Archibald Wheeler of Princeton.

The Tri-County UFO meeting will start at 6 PM Saturday night at the Perkins Restaurant at 20040 Harrisburg Westville Rd, Alliance, OH, 82196 (see ). Interstellar is playing at all major theaters now. Check local listings.

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