Saturday, November 15, 2014

“In the Woods” Celebrates 15 Years and Earns Cult Classic Status

IN THE WOODS, a favorite of the Halloween season seems to have earned it stripes. The cheesy dialogue has spawned drinking games and the over-the-top acting has kept this creature feature in circulation around the globe. Written and directed by Lynn Drzick, In The Woods was first released to the US/Canada market in 1999 and subsequently hit shelves in Japan, Germany, France, Russia, China and the United Kingdom. A Special Edition released a handful of years later gave audiences another look with added footage. Now a deal has just been inked to bring the film to Blu-Ray and VOD in the UK in early 2015 as well as several additional countries around the world. A new US/Canada release on Blu-Ray is also expected.

"It's pretty amazing to me that 15 years after it's initial release, In The Woods is still finding new fans," writer/director Lynn Drzick adds. "Sure the dialogue is cheesy and the acting hammy... and let's not forget the not-so-special effects, but we set out to make a very ambitious film on a tight budget and I think the movie has lots of heart because of it."

In addition to the film's director Lynn Drzick, stars DJ Perry, Jim Greulich and Stuart MacDonald signed posters and meet with enthusiastic fans at the 15th anniversary screening. During the Q&A that followed, one question was front and center... "Will there be In the Woods 2?”

"There's more monsters roaming around In The Woods," director Drzick announces while turning to the actors. "And I believe these guys are ready for battle!"

That got a good response from the crowd in attendance. For now, fans of the film can expect a 15thanniversary Blu-Ray with new VOD play around the world. And just possibly, just maybe, we could see a second trip - In The Woods.

“IN THE WOODS has audiences participating in a ROCKY HORROR sort of way. I would have never guessed it, but you can’t plan these things.”

– DJ Perry, star


The “In the Woods” Drinking Game – It is rumored to have started in Ohio but it goes like this…

Hardcore Fan – Every time a character says the word "gerbil" or "hamster" you take a drink of your favorite beverage

Softcore Fan –  Divide into two teams  with each one choosing either "gerbil" or "hamster" and when your word is called out you take a sip of your favorite drink

One enthusiastic fan edited a fun video, simply titled Hamsterz & Gerbilz

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