Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's a wrap for the wraparounds on Girls and Corpses Presents

In the tradition of Tales From The Crypt, Girls and Corpses Presents have competed filming on a series of darkly comedic wraparounds to go at the beginnings of selected horror features in the TomCat film 2015 release schedule.  The wraparounds, starring Tera Patrick and Robert "Corpsy" Rhine as a "bickering deadly duo on the dark side" will premiere at AFM November 5-12th in the TomCat Films suite (#542) at The Santa Monica Hotel.

The first film to be under the Girls and Corpses Presents label is Blood Rites followed by The Meat Puppet The wraparounds were written and directed by Robert Rhine, filmed by David Palmieri and produced by Rhine and Ted Chalmers (President of TomCat Films). Chalmers and Rhine are currently reviewing additional films for distribution for this speciality horror label.

Tera Patrick and Robert "Corpsy" Rhine recently co-starred as a pair of murderous home invasion robbers inAngel Of Darkness: The Legend of Lillith for TomCat Films. The horror film will be released January of 2015. Another TomCat film which will be presented at next month's AFM is Aliens VS Titanic which also co-stars Rhine Rhine as the captain of the Titan-1C, a futuristic cruise ship in space attacked by a terrifying alien invader.

"This is just the beginning of our relationship with Girls and Corpses Magazine," explains Ted Chalmers of TomCat, adding "We hope to produce more of these wraparounds in a successful series on numerous horror releases. Rhine and Patrick have great chemistry and we'd like to keep it going."

TomCat slate of Films can be viewed here:

Girls and Corpses Magazine's latest issue here:

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