Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aerial San Francisco - Official 2015 Trailer

Announced earlier this week Director of Photography Louis Halcyon Simmons and production company Halcyon Cinema released the long awaited trailer AERIAL San Francisco. This film due out in just a few weeks.

AERIAL San Francisco will kick off its tour by screening at the World Famous Castro Theater by way of film co-op Scary Cow.  Due out as early as March 7th. This documentary short brings new life to the exciting world of aerials.  To view the trailer, visit:     This film is currently 15 minutes of nothing less than breath taking views of the city’s major icons, sometimes referred to as The Paris of the West.

Director of Photography – Louis Halcyon Simmons’ motion picture and television credits:  "Charmed" , "Without A Trace", "CSI", "Honda", "Fujinon", "Impossible Pictures", "Modern Marvels", "Samurai Girl", "NAS", "State of the Union", "In Plain Sight", "NCIS", "The New Los Angeles", "Fairly Legal", "Aerial Los Angeles", "Tom Bradley's Impossible Dream", "Aerial Las Vegas", "Aerial San Francisco"

AERIAL San Francisco – The Paris of the West
Imagine yourself soaring over the extraordinary city of downtown San Francisco. This magical city has many tales to light up to your imagination as you breeze by some of San Francisco’s most unique historical and incredible architectural giants. View through the stunning parallel vision of aerial cinematography as we take you on this visually stimulating journey through what is known as the Paris of the West. This documentary musical will absolutely keep you on the edge of your seat soaring just feet away from these giants of concrete and steel.

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