Sunday, January 11, 2015

Director America Young to Smash

8 Sided Films announced the development of a movie producers describe as "a superhero movie like you haven't seen".  Director America Young, tapped to helm the unconventional comedy, describes the film as a "punk girl rock band, who's lead singer has metahuman super powers, shaking things up and turning the world as we know it on its head while leaving everyone rocking out and grinning from ear to ear."  8 Sided Films founder Tennyson E. Stead is writing and producing the feature.

Smash Girl is the story of LA punk rock singer Jane Smash, who wakes up after a night of partying she can't even remember to discover herself gifted with the superpowers of invulnerability and super strength!  With her band helping her, Smash sets out to turn our screwed-up system upside down... and comes face-to-face with an authority she can't intimidate, punch, or push over.  "When I read the script that Tennyson sent over I couldn't stop grinning," exclaims Young.  "I cannot wait to unleash Smash Girl onto the world!"

Young is currently in post-production on Concessionaires Must Die, a crowd-produced feature film in which a misfit band of theater workers faces corporate evil, foreclosure and growing up.  Stead is an award-winning writer/director and the creative mind behind Quantum Theory, a female-driven sci-fi heist movie also in development at 8 Sided Films.  As a repertory company, 8 Sided Films is an ensemble of filmmakers and performing artists committed to classical performance values in genre film, and to providing movie-going audiences with feature films of uncompromising excellence.

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