Friday, January 30, 2015

Winters Film Group Releases Edgy-Faith Drama “ASHEN OF EDEN” For North America

The film boasts a well received limited Mid West theatrical run and sell out  festival crowds through 2014. Starring rising talent Steven Sutherland and  Melissa Anschutz along with indie veterans Michael Joiner and DJ Perry.

Shot on location in Michigan, the story is about a police officer’s son that  makes a drastic choice to help his struggling mother, by stealing from a  ruthless drug dealer. The film has received 4 and 5 star rave reviews from The  Examiner and Christian Review, among others and is generating buzz within the  industry.

Shane Hagedorn directed the film from a script he wrote and produced  alongside DJ Perry.

“Films are tough to make. Very few are ever finished. Even fewer ever get  distribution. I am proud of all our work and excited to share it with audiences  everywhere.”  –Shane Hagedorn, writer/director

Winters Film Group is a Phoenix, Arizona, based distribution and production  company that specializes in unique and engaging Indie films and television  headed up by it’s CEO, Paul Winters. Paul has had development and or  production deals with all of the major Hollywood Studios and Television  Networks including 20th Century Fox, Castle Rock, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Columbia, Universal, Amblin, Disney, CBS, Nickelodeon, Fox,  HBO, Prime Network, and Showtime.


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