Thursday, January 8, 2015

Feature Film Dying Alone Dramatizes Need for Self Awareness

David Zucker Productions has announced the start of the company’s production of “Dying Alone,” a film that is a love story as well as a cautionary reminder for all women.

“Dying Alone,” written by Ken Cameron and David S Zucker which stars Nataliya Prieto and Danny Pardo, depicts how the dreams of a child can reflect the delicate balance of life and the importance of working the odds to favor survival and achieve happiness.

Says Creator/Producer/Writer David S Zucker: “‘Dying Alone’ is a romantic tragedy written around the dangers of the failure to report body abnormalities that may possibly be the early signs of cancer or another fatal disease.  It is poignant, sad, educational, emotional story, yet very uplifting.”

Adds Zucker:  “‘Dying Alone,’ is simply a beautiful story that delivers a strong message while paying tribute to all those who have been affected both directly and indirectly by a disease not caught in time.”

While distribution pacts for the film have been signed, David Zucker Productions is currently seeking backers to finalize shooting. Parties interested in learning more about the film should contact: (310) 487-9864, or email .

About David Zucker Productions
David Zucker Productions, headquartered in New York, is a newly formed entity.  Instrumental in scripting several hits, Zucker formed his own production company which, to date, has written and produced “Royal Justice,” a Broadway play and is finalizing another upcoming film, “Mafia Heaven,” which will shoot in Australia.   Zucker can be reached at (310) 487-9864.  The email address is:

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