Saturday, January 3, 2015

Golden Egg Film Festival Cancun Announces Winners, Prepares for Worldwide Competition

Golden Egg Film Festival (GEFF from here on) closed out their 2nd Cancun branch, announcing the winners the judges and the filmmakers' fans chose:

Best Feature Film went to "The Big Noise," written by Andrew Pelosi, Best Short Film is "EXpatZ," by Jimmie Wing, Best Director of a Feature Film awarded to Dominic Pelosi for "The Big Noise," Best Director of a Short Film awarded to Jimmie Wing for "EXpatZ," Best Music Video is "Se Poco Dread Sa," Best Special Effects went to "Tentative D'Epuisement D'un Lieu Parisien, Best Hair & Makeup won by "The Other Half of Me," Best Director of Photography went to "EXpatZ," Best Soundtrack went to "The Big Noise," Best Original Screenplay was "Monolog," Best Actor is Christian Thüringer for "Monolog," Best Supporting Actress is Naomi Grossman from "#RIP," Best Supporting Actor is David Henne from "#RIP," Best Ensemble Cast went to "EXpatZ," and the much-wanted People's Choice Award was won by #RIP.

For this "rather unique film festival," as stated by New York Film Academy, winning an award at any of the branches is just the first step. Winning films will move on to compete in GEFF Worldwide with the winners of GEFF NYC and GEFF LA, where the overall winners will be chosen. GEFF Worldwide winners will be announced on December 10.

The 3rd Annual GEFF circuit will start with their NYC branch at Tribeca Cinemas in May 2015. Submissions are always open.

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