Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Actor Brett Hunt will have six films screened at the Monaco Charity Film Festival this year!

Actor/Producer Brett Hunt, fresh off the set of “Love Addict”  (a romantic comedy featuring the talents of Alyshia Ochse, Elliot Haddaway, Courtney Stodden, & Chanel Ryan), has achieved a new level of heights, by having six films in the same film festival, during the same year.  Brett Hunt stars in and produced “The Demo Project”, a series of six films that have been the talk of Social Media mainstream.  All six films were submitted for consideration to the Monaco Charity Film Festival and all six have been accepted into the festival.

“This is a major achievement for Brett, to have six of his films at the same festival in the same year” states Brett’s Manager Matt Chasin.  The Monaco Charity Film Festival will be celebrating its tenth year milestone this year.

MCFF Founder Vicente Zaragoza stated “Its an honor to have The Demo Project featured this year, Brett is truly an amazing talent & his performance really shines in these films.  We are happy to be celebrating our ten year anniversary with him”.

Brett was quoted as saying “This achievement is a little overwhelming, however it couldn’t have happened without the talented cast and crew of this amazing project, my co-stars Estefania Rebellon, Adra Janean Fenstermaker, Eric Bendross, Pat Haley, Amber Sickles, & Brittany Williams.  It was a real privilege to work with these talented actors, it was truly a blessing”.  He also added that "The performance of myself and those of my co-stars were enhanced prior to the filming by celebrity acting coach Bobbie Chance.  She has become a beacon of light for my career, always pushing us to go the extra mile, take risks, and bring our characters to life".

The action doesn’t stop there; Brett Hunt is also in consideration for upcoming TV shows “Bluff”, “Vigilantes”, along with two new feature films “Wrath” and “Last Bullet”

Many have said Brett is the “Rising Star” that we all need to keep our eyes on. He has greatly inspired many of his fellow actors, has maintaned a consistant work ethic despite many challeneges, all the while remaining incredible humble when it comes to his career. While he may make it look easy, the reality is that being an actor is hard work and requires great dedication, perseverance, and gut instinct decisions. When it comes to Brett Hunt, he’s one of the hardest working actors this town has seen in a while.

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