Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Branson Missouri News: Calling All Actors - Movie Casting Call!

Magic Mirror Productions is coming to Branson, Mo to produce a movie based on a novel set in the Ozarks, near the beautiful and famous town of Branson. Magic Mirror Productions takes a different approach to movie making especially in the way casting is done for the principal and minor roles of the film. Rather than holding a casting call for the parts and roles in the movie, Magic Mirror Productions offers its leading, supporting and minor roles for sale via an auction on its website

Those interested in being in the picture can bid on the roles of their choice. If they win the bidding, they'll be told when and where to show up to begin learning how to become that character. In the current production, there are 11 major roles, 13 major supporting roles, 46 minor speaking roles and dozens of extras parts available. When filming begins, the director will work with each and every one of the actors to ensure that they can deliver their lines and portray their characters perfectly.

The goal of Magic Mirror Productions is not necessarily to get "big name" actors for their productions, but to allow everyday people to experience their dream come true of being in an actual movie! Depending on the role you want to play and are qualified for, you may be the Star of the movie, or a major or supporting character; as long as you fit the general parameters of the character (gender, size, age group, appearance), any role can be yours if you are the Winning Bidder!

Magic Mirror Productions movies are always family friendly, and will always reflect a deep belief in God. Many will be of Christian Themes, but none will ever need any kind of rating applied for content that would be deemed inappropriate for children or young people.

Call 417-319-MAGIC to get answers to any questions you might have or to offer filming location suggestions. Those interested in being in the movie can research the roles available for the upcoming movie production, and can bid on the roles of their choice now by going to The Magic Mirror Productions Movie Casting Call Information at on the Internet!

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