Sunday, February 22, 2015

isovideo Launches Cinema Quality Low Framerate Conversion/Temporal Retiming Service using Award-Winning Viarte

isovideo announces the launch of their Viarte-based cinema quality low frame rate conversion and temporal retiming services for the media entertainment industry. Viarte was one of five winners of the prestigious Game-Changer Awards by the IABM/NAB 2013. A Feature length documentary film “Finding the Gold Within” has already used Viarte frame rate conversion services (converting from 1980x1080p29.97 to 1080p23.976) for its World Premier last October.

High quality low frame rate-conversion and content retiming have always been amongst the most difficult tasks to do well, fast, and at a reasonable cost. Until recently, 24p to 25p frame rate-conversion has always been performed by changing video playback speed, and adjusting audio accordingly. Content retiming has been commonly done with expensive software or hardware.

Digital media trends are moving fast towards online distribution. Films are usually shot and edited at one frame rate, such as 24p or 30p in North America. They may need to be converted to other low frame-rates such as 24p for theater release, and 30p or 25p for US/European streaming. Such conversion is often done poorly, introducing noticeable conversion related motion artifacts, such as visible ghosting and motion judder on camera pans, “edge-boiling” effects, breakup, etc.

isovideo's low frame-rate conversion/temporal retiming services use their proprietary, state-of-the-art GPU-accelerated Viarte frame rate conversion technology. Its principal features include:

  i) Breakthrough quality low frame-rate conversion (between 23.976p, 25p, 29.97p), and any rate to any other rate up/down conversion (from 23.976 to 120p, including 48p).

  ii) Precise temporal conversion by up to +/-10% allows material to fit a time slot, and without introducing visible artifacts or judder due to frame dropping/duplication. The audio tempo is correspondingly changed with the video. The input sources can be any of progressive, interlaced, 3:2-pulldown, or mixed.

  In addition, optional multiple tempo change adjustment values can be   defined and localized by time and duration, allowing some regions to be   preserved, and others squashed or extended.

  iii) Sophisticated, accurate, simulated motion-blur capability effectively reduces judder on playback, when downconverting from 48, 50, 60, 120 frames/sec to lower rates such as 24, 25, 30, 48; or from 30p to 24p/25p, especially for panning shoots.

  iv) Repeated input frames are detected and dropped for smoother motion, while preserving audio/video delay.

In addition to low-frame rate conversion/temporal retiming services, isovideo also offers:

  v) GPU-accelerated, highest quality, edge sharpening up/down-scaling/aspect ratio conversion.

  vi) Superior GPU motion-compensated 100% vertical resolution deinterlacing/inverse telecine with no visible flicker.

  vii) Breakthrough GPU noise-reduction technology, achieving up to 12 db noise reduction, while reducing flicker and preserving details and edges.

Low frame-rate conversion/retiming can be combined with other types of services to meet a wide variety of tasks facing the media professional. For example, frame-rate conversion, combined with noise reduction and upscaling to UHD provides a quality level similar to original UHD sources.

isovideo's conversion services offer a unique combination of highest processing quality, fastest turn-around due to an extremely efficient pipelined architecture and scalability, and affordability and peace of mind, as all content is always encrypted for security,”  said Keith Slavin, CTO, isovideo LLC.

To find out more about our Viarte conversion services, please visit isovideo and follow @isovideo on Twitter and our new youtube channel.


About isovideo:

isovideo is an innovative start-up company in the digital media technology and servicing industry. They specialize in file-based, GPU accelerated, video processing (including frame-rate conversion, deinterlacing, inverse telecine, scaling, de-noise, transcoding, etc.) services and server systems for the TV and entertainment industry. isovideo offers the best quality and fastest turn-around multi-format content transformation, including SD/HD to HD/UHD remastering services, and cinema quality low frame-rate conversion and temporal retiming services.

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