Monday, February 2, 2015

Jeff Hennessy, Actor and Producer, Out to Capture the Reel Gangster Whitey Bulger

Jeff Hennessy, actor and producer, has announced that the Web series based on the life of notorious gangster Whitey Bulger is now in its second season. Hennessy, who also hales from Boston knew many of Bulger’s associates.  He feels this “connection” plus his underlying sympathy for Bulger helps in his ability to capture the complexity of Bulger, his associates and the women in his life.

Hennessy developed empathy for Bulger based on his own “experiences with the Boston court system and the reality and stresses of corruption you find in any small city…..”  Hennessy, also a longtime member of AA, believes that Whitey might have been subject to drug treatments while in prison.

While Hennessy indicates that the Web series, named “Whitey,” is based on fact, he indicates that he will exercise some “creative license” to embellish the impact of Whitey and his associates.

Hennessy has engaged top talent to play Bulger, his gang and his loves.  Among these are John Savage and Donald Watson.  And, yes, Hennessy plays one of the lead characters aptly named “Jeff Hennessy.”

Hennessy is looking for contributions to continue the series.  Viewers can show their interest by contributing via PayPal, below.  Those submitting funds will be entered into a drawing, the winner of which will be given a “guest” role in “Whitey” series. To see the Whitey trailer, please visit:

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