Friday, February 20, 2015

Nazo Bravo Raises Cultural Awareness Through Film And Hip Hop

Los Angeles native Nazo Bravo is preparing a new mixtape and documentary called “Armenian American”. In 2014, Nazo visited Armenia for the first time, stating “I went out there to solidify my brand in my homeland, and got to work with rappers who rap in Armenian and Russian. It’s amazing how global Hip Hop is now. I also got to see the neighborhood where my family comes from, and that just blew my mind. I feel like this documentary is something any first or second generation American can relate to, no matter where you come from”.

Nazo is known for his song and music video HyePower (“Hye” translates to “Armenian”), influenced by Kendrick Lamar’s HiiiPower after the two had a meeting where Kendrick shared some great advice for Nazo as an artist. In the same way Kendrick touches on important African American figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Nazo raps about Armenian figures like Hrant Dink, a journalist who was assassinated in Turkey in 2007 for speaking out about the Armenian Genocide.

Nazo will premiere the documentary as an episodic web-series on February 11th via his YouTube channel, and will release a song from each week's episode via his Soundcloud The series will conclude with a remake of HyePower titled “Power Of The Hye”, with the music video filmed entirely in Armenia. The mixtape will also feature Ras Kass and several Armenian artists both from the U.S. and overseas. Nazo has also mentioned he is preparing his new single with E-40, which will be released independently of the Armenian American project. To follow Nazo on Twitter visit @NazoBravo

About Nazo Bravo

Nazo Bravo is an American rapper and actor of Armenian descent from Los Angeles, California. He is known for his mixtape #Focusss hosted by Power 106's DJ Carisma, featuring collaborations with Problem and Kurupt and the single “Focus”, which was featured on He has also been featured on popular Bay Area Hip hop website for his collaboration with The Jacka and established his own record label Mighty Hye Records. Nazo recently stated that he has a “ton of new music” that he is preparing to release, including collaborations with E-40, Jonn Hart, Ras Kass, and others. As an actor, he is known for his appearance on TNT's television series Southland alongside Lucy Liu, and the film 4 Minutes (produced by Ray Liotta and Stephen Cyrus Sepher). He has also received soundtrack placements on the documentary Tattoo Nation with Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm and B-Real of Cypress Hill, as well as the film Betrayal (starring Eric Roberts). For up to the minute information, visit or like, follow and subscribe via all social media at @NazoBravo.

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