Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sweepstakes Winners To Get Chance To Interact With Time Machine and Appear In Film

 Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng announces that there will be a number of contests or sweepstakes that will grant the winners the opportunity to interact with the first time machine in the world, the Verdrehung Fan™ which will be filmed for a scene in the documentary, The World's First Time Machine.

Marshall, the inventor of the Verdrehung Fan™, got the idea from the new film, Project Almanac which will open in theaters tomorrow. The film is about teens who discover the plans for a time machine, which they then build to explore the possibilities of time travel.

"Of course the movie gets time travel as a concept all wrong," he said from his office in Yellow Springs, OH, "but that's what movies do - use time travel as plot devices and not accurate scenarios. The problem is that physicists haven't figured that out yet, which is why the majority of time travel work they do is pathetically wrong...".

Marshall is also the author of the book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel (see ) which is the first authoritative book in the world on time travel and is based on the special report that Marshall wrote for Congress last year. It proves that most of the world's physicists, including Kip Thorne, Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, Ed Farhi, Ronald Mallett, and others have published or promoted papers and ideas that contain serious and misleading flaws in them concerning how time travel would work, both conceptually and physically. Meanwhile, Marshall has invented the first and only successful technology for time travel (see ) as well as solving all the major conceptual issues involving time travel, making him the number one expert in the world, bar none.

Tentative plans include making an announcement about the first sweepstakes by mid February. Other contest opportunities will be announced later but could include partnering with TV or radio shows as promotional vehicles.

"I think this is a novel idea and an exciting one for time travel/ sci-fi fans", Marshall says. "To go from just watching a documentary or movie about time travel as an idea to actually being able to interact with a machine that is opening micro wormholes and being in a documentary about that - that's something that no one else can offer".

There is a new target date for the release of The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines, in late May of this year.

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