Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Follow the Camera - Short Film Release

 Marauder Film, a film development studio specializing in producing and launching feature film projects, released the short film titled Follow the Camera on February 1st. The short film can be viewed here: www.immutechrobotics.com. Marauder Film is proud to announce it has also been featured in February’s issue of American Cinematographer Magazine.

Follow the Camera
 uses a compelling combination of “found footage” alongside modern cinematography and state-of-the-art VFX to illustrate a near-future San Francisco under attack.

Director Bastiaan Koch explains: “We need a forward-thinking, intellectual story coupled with the VFXploitation fun of blockbuster movies. One that doesn’t shy away from harrowing realism.”

Follow the Camera explores our acceptance of artificial intelligence and exposes the ever encroaching role of mass data collection and begs the question; which responsibilities are we willing to relinquish and at what cost? Set in near-future San Francisco where autonomous domestic humanoid robots - or Domestic Droids (DDs) - are commonplace, criminal prosecutor, Elisabeth Adelman, discovers a plot for the worst act of terrorism known to the West Coast. Adelman is compelled to find the culprit behind the attack.

Follow the Camera was written and directed by Koch with assistance from Howard Gertler (Producer of Academy Award-nominated How to Survive a Plague), and made possible through the LucasFilm Employee Feature Program that supports up-and-coming in-house talent.

Production for a Follow the Camera full feature is planned for 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marauder Film is actively seeking collaboration.



Marauder Film is a trans-media development studio specializing in world-building, producing and launching feature film projects. Marauder places particular emphasis on marrying story with stunning digital visual effects while achieving high-end production value.

Marauder Film was founded in 2011 by Director Bastiaan Koch, the visual effects wizard behind characters such as; Bumblebee and Galvatron in the Transformers movies, Gipsy Danger in Pacific Rim, and Iron Man in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Originally from the Netherlands, Koch has been a member of Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic in San Francisco for over seven years.

Koch and Marauder's team of writers and digital artists thrive by integrating art with technology, using innovative software with a streamlined pipeline, enabling collaboration with larger film studios while never losing sight of their mission – to entertain, to capture, to enthrall.

Koch co-wrote and produced The 3rd Letter which won Hollyshorts in 2012, and was nominated for best feature screenplay at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2012. His most recent project Follow the Camera was selected by the LucasFilm Employee Feature Program helmed by Jennifer Coronado, a program that supports up-and-coming in-house talent.

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