Saturday, February 21, 2015

Exciting New Project from Earlina Gilford-Weaver And Her Talented Cast

This New Christian Drama Real Life Show, comprised of testimonies that people would say are "REAL TALK". They're right from the gift of God and deal with issues in our day-to-day lives, but till now, we’ve only heard or read about. There are very few real live drama ministry shows that actually minister to our daily lives. This program will offer listeners a daily dosage of ideas, issues, analysis and information targeted to the troubled and broken-hearted audience in a broken-hearted world. Our entertainment ministry is positioned as a forum where all points of views are welcome regardless of race, politics, and religion. Instead of the traditional divisive nature, this ministry production offers listeners perspective on the reality of a bondage state of mind and division in our world that we still live in today. You will find the Christian drama ministry provides relevant, probing and educational entertainment that appeals to all, but also successfully presents the key factors that we need today, such as healing, deliverance, forgiveness, unity, hope & Love.

A new Internet and TV Ministry Drama Series Sitcom Show from the anointed Writer, Author, Director, Earlina Gilford-Weaver, presenting a Non-Fiction Christian show that will follow the complicated dynamics secrets behind the veil of the real life day to day living in Christians & Non-Christian families that only stay in the closets until the door gets opened and the bones are as clear as day in a mirror we are ashamed to look in. These are stories that we would say could only be a Lifetime Movie and in some families we often think could never happen to us when hearing of other peoples secrets and bones hidden in their closets, being exposed. We live thinking that such secrets and deceit would never come knocking at our doors. In these families the deceit and lies and dysfunction, when the truth comes out, will either destroy them or they will find the real power of forgiveness they were taught, preach and teach about. When all is exposed, who can you really trust when you realize that the word of God is real!  And to know that none of us are perfect, whether we are Christians or Non Christians, we all have day to day struggles.  One day the veil needs to be removed, the struggles uncovered and the mirror needs to be looked at. The bone will come out of the closets.

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