Friday, May 9, 2014

Alpha Dog Pictures “Joey”

Alpha Dog Pictures is proud to announce the beginning of pre-production for the feature film “Joey” starring Scott Chase and Lauren Leal. A compelling story of one boy's struggle with Leukemia. Jointly produced by Joshua Pack, Chad Shaver, Cris McGinnis and Liz Ames and directed by Todd Rodgers.

Joey Matthews tries to be a typical sixteen year old high school junior, but instead of being concerned with girls and driving lessons, he worries about chemotherapy and cell counts; making his everyday life a battle to overcome this deadly disease. To Joey, life was about bettering the lives of others around him; though he never expected to have an impact on someone he only dreamed of: famous actress Allison Atwood. Considered Hollywood's new 'it girl,' Allison's future in film seemed bright. Yet life would soon take an unexpected turn that would put both Allison and her career into a downward spiral, alienating everyone who cared about her and earning a reputation for being difficult to work with. Allison faced a battle of her own, fighting the demons inside her on a daily basis and struggling to stay on her feet. When Joey decides that he wants to take Allison to his high school prom, the two of them embark on a journey of self-discovery. Allison will learn that she needs Joey much more than he would ever need her. Joey is the story of the inner strength we all have and how we can use it to change the lives of those around us.

A campaign has been launched to raise $250,000. Alpha Dog Pictures, in line with Joey’s message, is giving 10% of every dollar donated directly to leukemia research. Raising the full budget will mean that $25,000 goes directly toward the fight to end leukemia forever.

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