Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sean Spence ("J. Edgar") Recently Cast in Three Upcoming Indie Films

Sean Spence ("J. Edgar", "The Young and The Restless") can be seen in three upcoming Independent films shooting later in the year.

The first is the sequel to the hit cult film, "Sledge", appropriately called "Sledged", starring Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees in "Friday the 13th"). It will continue the story of crazed slasher, Adam Lynch.

The next indie is the YA drama, "The Dancer and The Composer". Although currently casting for the leads, Sean will be co-starring as Walter, the limo driver with a heart of gold.

Sean will then be heading over to Scotland to star in the horror/apocalyptic film from Bad Pony Productions, "Evening of the Dead", playing opposite his wife, Robin Shelby ("Slimer" in Ghostbusters II). He is one of only three Americans in the ensemble cast.

He was last seen in the feature films "Blood Type: Unknown" (2013) and "Democracy at Work" (2012), as well as the Streamy Award winning web series "Compulsions" starring Craig Frank ("Mixology"), "Love On-The-Line", "Why I Hate Bitsy Malone" and "Good Times". Sean has also been writing and directing the popular web series "Far From The Tree", currently in it's third season.

For more information on Sean and all other future productions, check out his website at www.Sean-Spence.com

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