Sunday, May 25, 2014

Soundset 2014 Will Get “The Minnesota Delivery"

The Minnesota Delivery is the first in a series of films by Baking Sota that were produced with audience participation via social media polls and surveys.

“We are circumventing Hollywood. We put the audience in control—they tell us what they want to see, we make that movie, and distribute it independently. That’s what is so cool about our approach to film making,” says Director and Writer, Tim Christian.

The feature film made local news last summer after filming car crashes and explosive chase scenes through out Saint Paul. “The rugged way it [the film] looks and moves adds to the authentic real life elements mixed into the fictional storyline,” states the film’s Director who attended Columbia College in Chicago and UCLA to hone his writing skills. After producing nationally distributed, After Effects starring Daniel Baldwin, writer and producer, Tim Christian formed Baking Sota Films, “to create and distribute content digitally across continents,” according to the company’s website.

The Minnesota Delivery, Tim Christian’s second feature film release, is about "A wild cousin from Chicago coming to visit his peaceful cousin's life in Minnesota -- with plans to take over," according to IMDb. Minneapolis and St. Paul, has been all a buzz since the infamous film’s premiere at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul. Now, fans and “contributing producers” of the film can get their special edition DVD of The Minnesota Delivery at this year’s Soundset Music Festival.

“Soundset brings so many artists, creatives and lovers of art and music together. It’s the perfect place for us to bring The Minnesota Delivery to our fan base and to celebrate artistry and culture in general,” says the film’s Marketing Producer, Krystal Paige.

“Every project is like that movie, Glory—a muddy uphill gun fight. Whether you get to the top is solely up to your mental toughness and character. You don't have a choice to have normal feelings,” says the film’s Director, Tim Christian, of the movie making process.

Retailers can contact Baking Sota Films directly or online at to get the first installment in a series of movies exploring multiple genres.

Audiences can rent The Minnesota Delivery online at or pick up a copy at Soundset Music Festival, Fifth Element, Electric Fetus, and Cheapo Discs.

What: The Minnesota Delivery DVD Release at Soundset 2014

When: May 25th, 2014

Where: Soundset, 1100 Canterbury Rd, Shakopee

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