Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Television Series Combines Adventure and Mysticism

Henry Buchmann, Ken Cameron and Jamie McCall, award winning writers, producers and actors, have announced that their new TV series, which has been in the writing and planning stages for the better part of a year, is now ready to enter production, and they are actively seeking sponsors and a network time slot. Described as “Charlie's Angels meets Indiana Jones,” the series, “Detective Samantha Sturgess,” written by Buchmann and lead actress and Associate Producer Jamie McCall, is said to combine mysticism with adventure.

According to Buchmann, “The series follows three women with extraordinary abilities in a time when men ruled the world. Detective Sturgess and her cohorts are beauties that team up and use their knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu fighting, extraordinary paranormal forces and dark secrets to fight for justice and truth.” Buchmann openly admits that he wrote the lead with Gillian Anderson in mind. Anderson gained fame as the female lead in the “X-Files.” The new series has an "X-Files" feel to it, as well.

In the pilot episode, a Russian Expedition finds a secret document in a monastery in the mountains of the Himalayas. The document records the life of Jesus before he was age 30 and tells of his initiation into the practices of the Natha-Yogis and the abilities of followers to stop their own heartbeats and feel no pain. Samantha Sturgess’ father finds the document, and the Vatican, fearful of losing its hold on millions of Christians, sends a killer-group to obtain the document and assassinate Professor Sturgess and his family.

“Detective Samantha Sturgess” features an all-star ensemble cast including Kellie Dionne Backman as Sturgess, series co-author Jamie McCall as Betty Sutherland, Kris Kelly, Ken Cameron, Dawna Lee Heising and numerous others whose names and faces will be familiar to TV viewers.

About Screenwriters and Producers Buchmann, McCall and Cameron
Henry Buchmann is both an award-winning film writer and actor. He has studied screenwriting and "dramaturgy” at the University Darmstadt and was best student of the year in 2013.

Ken Cameron is a renowned Australian film and television director. Cameron obtained his BA from Sydney University in 1968. In addition to numerous film credits, he has garnered two American Film Institute awards for directing.

Jamie McCall, a former US Navy Officer, has been a SAG-AFTRA professional actress since 2005. She has been associate producer on several indie projects, and is a published author.

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