Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New York City International Film Festival NYCIFF May 29th - June 5th 2014

The New York City International Film Festival has a well earned reputation, nationally and internationally, as one of the most respected events of the film festival year. The organization is committed to bringing the best of the world’s cinematography to New York City and to provide a platform for talented domestic and international filmmakers to showcase their work

NYCIFF is in the business of theatrical film distribution. Through its annual black tie festival, as well as anxiously anticipated screenings throughout the year, NYCIFF connects with a loyal and discerning New York fan base.

This commitment to excellence from Founder, Roberto Rizzo, differentiates NYCIFF from any other film organization. With distribution of films more difficult than ever, the NYCIFF’s mission catapults relationships with some of the most innovative and cutting edge filmmakers from around the world.

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