Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Make Money Making Films

With the launch of this new online video training course "Succeeding in Corporate Videos", filmmakers all over the world can learn tips and tricks to maximise their filmmaking revenue from the corporate video sector.

This in-depth video seminar by award-winning corporate filmmaker Brian Barnes teaches filmmakers all that they need to know to grow and build their corporate video production business from nothing, wherever they are based.

As Brian explains, "I've made well over $1 million from making corporate videos, but when I graduated from film school, I had absolutely no money and just one contact.  Through a lot of effort, trial and error, it took me over 20 years to build up a successful video business.  With this course, I'm giving the world's filmmakers a powerful short cut and teaching them the inside scoop that I needed to know when I was just starting out."

Areas covered in the course include how to find and break into your market, networking skills, pitching, scripting, handling client relationships, a detailed case study breakdown of the making of a corporate video and much, much more.

Interested filmmakers can download a 13-page free report "7 Keys to Making a Living Filmmaking" from the course website at http://www.succeedingincorporates.co.uk

Brian Barnes has been making corporate videos since 1987.  He's made videos for 3 of the world’s top 5 brands – Apple, Google and Microsoft – and won the Snippies award for his video for Intel.

In late 2013, he made a comedy commercial for car finance company Carloan4U, which more than doubled their web traffic when it went live.

Brian is currently in post-production on his first solo feature film, 'The Redeeming', and he's co-directed 2 previous feature films.  Brian has directed over 500 hours of TV and made 23 short films, including the multiple award-winning 'The Urge', which is currently ranked as the 8th most watched horror film on IndieFlix.

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