Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Marlon Schulman, Founder of HORROR EQUITY FUND LLC (“HEF”) to Speak at FILM-COM - Nashville, TN

Founder and CEO of the Horror Equity Fund LLC, attorney Marlon Schulman will be speaking on the “Genre Picture Funding” panel at the Nashville Film-Com, to be held on June 18 to 21, 2014.

Marlon will be also speaking on Film Finance (“The Execs”) at the Tennessee Screenwriting Association conference, “FilmOlution” (Script-Com) on June 21st.

Drawing on his decades of experience as a private practitioner and as a business/legal/distribution executive in both major and "minor" studios, as well as his founding of animation, music, and publishing companies, Marlon will also touch on his latest disruptive venture: the Horror Equity Fund, LLC.

Film-Com is an annual packaging, financing and distribution market which directly connects filmmakers and their new projects to domestic and foreign distribution companies, as well as connecting all parties in the equation to P&A capital, banks, gap financing, co-production partners, packaging agents, product integration specialists and any entities related to the success of getting a film made and to market.

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