Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review Ringer, New Startup Movie Review Application Launches Idiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Review Ringer (, an iOs application that connects users with personalized movie reviews and ratings from their review ringers—or people who think like them, launched a crowdfunding campaign through one of the world’s largest global funding platforms, Indiegogo (

After being tired of searching through countless irrelevant online movie reviews from people who did not have similar movie tastes or preferences, long-time friends and south Floridian entrepreneurs, Neil Carrol and Jason Bryce, teamed up to create their own personalized movie review app. “About two years ago, we kept thinking, ‘what do we care if 51 percent of the population likes a movie? We care about reading reviews from people that share our similar tastes,” said Neil Carrol, Co-Founder and project manager of

After spending nearly a year compiling data, research and the technology needed to turn this concept into fruition, Neil and Jason realized they needed some help. “Each one of us have already put several thousands of dollars as well as hundreds of hours of work into this project and now we are asking for help from early believers,” said Jason Bryce, co-founder and president of business development. “We are reaching out to the movie goers who are tired of spending money on films that don’t fit their tastes. For people who love movies and love debating over them, Review Ringer will be a great resource!”

The fundamental concept of the Review Ringer application consists of categorizing movie goers into one of 12 movie critic types and then connecting them with movie reviews and ratings from people who have similar cinematic movie preferences. “The technology behind this platform will keep the rom com lovers away from the trekkies and so forth,” Bryce said. “For example, if you love musicals and want to know if a new musical release is any good, we will connect you with reviews from people who love musical and theatrical movies and can provide relevant and well-rounded insight.”

A short personality survey will help identify each user as one of the 12 movie critic types and Review Ringer’s algorithm will continue to match up users with their review ringers as they interact with the platform. “Our critic types are kind of the juicy part of this movie review platform -- we developed them with the help of a published and licensed psychologist, whom has more than 20 years of experience with personality trait expertise,” Bryce said. “These critic types will allow movie fanatics to avoid reviews from people whose opinions and values differ, and find reviews from people just like them. If movie fans from across the world band with us and donate to this Indiegogo campaign (, we are confident Review Ringer can become the holy grail of truly relevant and customized movie reviews.”

This platform will be free to users and but will also encompass a profitable revenue generation stream later on after further development has been accomplished. “Although the iOs app will be free, we have great stuff in the works to monetize this platform within 12 to 24 months after more development has been done,” said Carroll.

With the help of social media and globalization, the Review Ringer team determined that online crowdfunding was the best option to getting the resources needed to implement the final stages of “We hope to raise $18,500 by the end of the summer. Once we reach our goal, we will be able to afford the movie data, server space and mobile functionality technology necessary to successfully push this application live,” Carrol said. “We expect the app to develop a responsive front-end and transfer our technology over to a more robust platform four to six months after our crowdsourcing goal has been achieved.”

Early supporters who donate to Review Ringer’s Indiegogo campaign will receive lifetime VIP access to the Review Ringer app along with several other benefits listed on the official Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign page (

Review Ringer is an iOs application currently in production, created by three founders in South Florida, that will connect moviegoers with relevant, customized online movie reviews from people with similar cinematic interests and tastes. Everybody is a critic, what type are you? To learn more about Review Ringer, visit Visit Review Ringer’s Indiegog page to donate.

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