Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kickstarter Campaign for the Silver Lion Screenplay

We just started a Kickstarter Campaign to finish our boss' new screenplay.

Here's what his screenplay is about:

Élan is a 12 year old boy who works for Silver, an organization dedicated to protecting the corrupt interests of businesses in Chicago, 1932.  Élan's been trained since he was three to enforce those interests: killing anyone who stands in their way, manipulating the media, and orchestrating cover-ups.  He's known as the Silver Lion.  His dad, Roda was the main enforcer and the one who trained Élan, but due to his recent illness, everything is up to Élan now.

When Élan botches a job, risking exposing Silver because of a girl, he is ordered to kill her.  Now he must decide between saving Cora (the girl) and turning his back against all he's ever known and believed in, or killing Cora and keeping the status quo.

This story is about Élan's struggle between his deep beliefs that Silver is good and the harsh reality of the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Along this journey, Élan sparks a revolution and must overcome his warped beliefs to destroy everything he once protected and believed in.

Check us out now to get a chance at exclusive rights to produce the film, or MORE!

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