Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let’s celebrate Lastbenchersday on 27th June – dedicated to all Lastbenchers

Unlike the Popular days in our society, which keep on churning out every day like V day or Friendship day, this Lastbenchers’ day is not commercially promoted by any brand or business, but signify the emotions and passions of the crew who worked relentlessly to embark with this movie. The special thing about this movie is that it is among the first Bollywood movies to be made in Nagpur. So, we Nagpurians have all reasons to be proud of our young film makers – Prajakt Rebeloma, who is the man behind this project. The venture could have been incomplete without including this man’s name at this juncture.

He is the man who had dreams in his eyes to make a movie that talk about his passion and life and somehow portray the message, which is based on reality and the darker shades of a common man’s life. The entire crew is excited to see their movie hitting the theaters this coming 27th June. This is the day when their efforts, commitment, time and money, everything would be paid back by the audience. The movie that carries more of the off screen messages than the on screen message will be finally seen on 27th June, which is officially being declared its crew’s day.

It is really a matter of pride and reverence to see a man with starry eyes catching up his dream and making it a big reality. Even though if the film fails to do really good at the Box Office, yet the crew and this man have all reasons to have gala time. The celebration of making a film with no formal background in film making, the gala time of embarking with a movie with no big stars in it but common men who had dreams to do something big in the society and fiesta for many in the crew who put their days and nights to make this movie a big success. And if time and tide has their blessings for these guys then the intensity of celebration would reach out to a new zenith, giving hardcore lessons to the team to celebrate this day very year as it joins in their life.

Whether the crew stays or part out in bits and pieces to pursue their individual’s dreams and profession, yet every member of Lastbenchers’ crew would celebrate this day every year. Regardless of their busy life and hectic schedule, in some corner of their hearts they would have special feelings for 27th June 2014 since it was the very same day that made them in limelight. This was the day when they were discussed in the media and this was the day wherein they saw the movie being released in all the multiplexes and theaters of the country. So right from a simple spot boy to the director of the movie, the day would be to catch up their names in the cast titles when it would be seen in the multiplexes and theaters. And nothing more charming could be to see your name seen over the screens of a theater.

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