Monday, June 2, 2014

Launching The Films Timeline - a visual display of movie timeline by director, cast member or genre

Want a quick and easy way to figure out movies starring your favorite actor or even the order of a film franchise by the year they came out? Look no further than the website the Films Timeline ( You couldn’t find a more simpler way to chronologically list movies.

Like most movie-based websites, the site does offer the basics. Movies are listed with their titles, the actors in them, their directors, the genres they’re part of, a quick synopsis of what they’re about, and, of course, the year they came out. There’s even the standard search engine option that you can use to search for a movie or actor by name. Sounds just like IMDb, right? Well the difference here is that, no matter what you’re searching for, the results you get are sorted by the year they came out. And while that also does sound like any other movie-based website, the Films Timeline features a handy scroll-type feature at the bottom that lists the movies by year they came out. All you have to do is move the bar back and forth to see the list of films by the year they were released. And by using the search engine, you can type the name of a particular actor to see his or her filmography to know, for sure, the order of the films he or she appeared in. The same can be said for a film franchise to figure out what sequel came out when, especially in this day and age where sequels no longer use numbers.

So whether its just for curiosity’s sake, doing research for a paper or article, or just a quick way to settle a bet, the Films Timeline is the place to go to find movies by their year of release. It may take some getting used to after going to other websites, but you’ll definitely find it useful.

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