Monday, June 23, 2014

Ski Johnson Featured in New Film

Feast It Forward™ announced they have signed on Jazz Superstar Ski Johnson to participate in their upcoming documentary “Project: Malawi.” For over twenty six years, Ski Johnson has been a prolific and versatile jazz saxophone performer. By blending and experimenting with the genre, he has created a sound that is fresh and unexpected. His 8th Album “New Beginnings” hit #1 on the Billboard Charts in 2009, and his 9th Album “Underdogs on Top” hit #1 on the Billboard Charts in 2013. Ski Johnson has been considered for numerous awards including Grammy Awards. Johnson will be featured alongside Madeline Zima (Californication, #Stuck) and veteran actor/producer/writer Jeff Grace (It’s a Disaster, Super Zeroes, and The Scenesters). Ski explains, " We can truly change the world! one village at a time" This will be Johnson’s first Major Motion Picture Feature Film to date.

The Feast It Forward™ film crew will be heading to Malawi, Africa June 2015 to shoot the documentary, produced by Co-Founders Kevin and Rebecca Gouveia, and Katie Hamilton-Shaffer, along with Claudia Sansone, Julia Carias, and Brook Altman. The film will showcase the incredible social transformation taking place in remote villages as a direct result of the positive developmental efforts of California couple, Claudia Sansone and Rob Hampton, DDS along with the impact the countries Gogo Grandmothers are having on Malawi’s orphan population.

June 2015 will be the fourth annual trip that Rob and Claudia take to Malawi where they are welcomed with open arms. Philanthropy is contagious and this year they will travel with a small tribe of doctors, dentists, agronomist and educators to further enrich their offerings. The couple has worked in collaboration with domestic Malawian resources to establish a much-needed dental clinic located in Daeyang Luke Hospital in Lilongwe and ongoing training for nurses and dentists. They also engaged Solar Cookers Intl to provide solar cooking kits as a safe alternative to traditional wood burning methods. “Smoke inhalation from cooking over an open fire is a serious health issue. Also, women must leave the village to collect firewood, which puts them in harm’s way. We want to keep the women and children safe,” explains Claudia.

Next year is quite monumental as there will be ground breaking on Dothi Village’s first ever pre-school, paving the way for an early childhood education program, which celebrates a major social transformation. They will continue to Zomba to work with SAFE Africa Feast It Forward’s mission is to encourage people to live a philanthropic lifestyle,” says Katie Hamilton Shaffer, Co-Founder of Feast It Forward. She continues, “Rob and Claudia are everyday people like you and I and serves as a prime example of how we can live beyond our own backyard and truly make a global impact. They’re literally feeding smiles and they inspire us.”

There’s quite a bit of excitement around “Project: Malawi”, as in addition to recording artist Ski Johnson, actress Madeline Zima (Californication, #Stuck) will be joining the team alongside veteran actor/producer/writer Jeff Grace (It’s a Disaster, Super Zeroes, The Scenesters). Each are personally committed to this cause and are eager to get involved as Jeff explains, “This truly is a movement with so much positive change. We want to share their stories with the world, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”Feast it Forward’s intentions: Train dentists and 36 nurses, from 16 out lying villages, in the Daeyang Luke Hospital Dental Clinic that the couple established in 2010. Break ground on a nearby village’s very first preschool and early childhood education program, setting the stage for surrounding villages, Provide books and resources for respective classrooms through book drive, Train existing village pre-schools with new and sustainable concepts, Provide and teach village women how to make and cook with solar cooking kits, thereby reducing the risk of smoke inhalation, a major health issue as well as keeping women and young girls safe from the harsh reality of abduction when traveling to gather firewood miles away from their village, By supporting this endeavor companies and individuals are personally touching the people who will benefit most from this project: the women and children of the Malawian villages that Rob and Claudia have been serving to improve their quality of life. To help, you can consider giving at one of the following, tax-deductible sponsor levels In addition to monetary contributions, they will gladly accept sponsorships of equipment and supplies needed for a successful project. List of items can be found on our website. Join the movement. Please visit our site to donate & make our Feast it Forward “Project: Malawi” Documentary a reality.

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