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April 24 thru May 3, 2014
The Market Arcade Film & Arts Center, 639 Main St., Buffalo NY, 14203
The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival opens it's 8th Annual Year of Events which includes 140 New Films - 10 Days of Events (Docs/Shorts/Features - something for everyone), Celebrities & lots of Fun!

WHERE TO GET TICKETS: www.thebnff.com or http://marketarcade.dipsontheatres.com/

For more information on showtimes, film descriptions, special guests or event details go to www.thebnff.com

Some Highlights For 2014 Events are:
- April 25th - 7pm - The Natural: The Best There Ever Was (Feature Documentary, 90m) - by Bill Cowell - (Buffalo, NY) - SPECIAL PREMEIRE & 30 YEAR REUNION CELEBRATION

- The Natural: The Best There Ever Was - is a feature length documentary celebrating 30 years of "The Natural", it's history and the moving forces behind it. "The Natural" which was directed by Academy Award Winning Director Barry Levinson and starred Academy Award Winner Robert Redford, Kim Basinger, Barbara Hershey, Robert Duvall and many of todays Hollywood greats turned out to be one of the best sports films ever made. With never before seen footage, exclusive interviews with most of the original cast and crew and special appearances we are here to share this legacy with you.

- April 26th - 7pm - Three Sides (SH, 7m) - by Barry Kivel - (Los Angeles, CA)
- A film that poses a simple question. How does our past affect our future? A young woman desperately searches for the biological mother who abandoned her. As a result, three lives will never be the same.
- For over thirty years Barry Kivel has been a working actor. He has appeared with Robert Redford in The Natural, George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day, Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee, just to list a few of the films he has been involved with. This is his directorial debut.

- April 26th - 3pm - R.A.D.I.C.A.L.S. (Feature, 75m) - by Berenika Bailey & Jeff Solema - (Los Angeles, CA)
- When Sandlot meets Spy Kids. Eight kids develop their natural talents to superhero levels to confront a comic-book-inspired villain kidnapping neighborhood dogs to pull off the crime of the century.

- April 26th - 7pm - Nobody's Perfect (Documentary, 94m) - by Derrick Simmons - (NY, NY)
- It's a rag to riches story about a younger woman name Sasha (Lexi Moeller) who meets the man of her dreams Morgan (Derrick Simmons) with the perfect lifestyle and image. They quickly fall in love. Once they get married, her perfect dream turns into a nightmare.

- April 26th - 7pm - Femme (Women Healing the World) (Documentary, 85m) - by Emmanuel Itier - (Santa Barbara, CA)
- A documentary featuring interviews with 100 influential women from around the world. (Starring Sharon Stone, Maria Bello, Maria Conchita Alonso, Traci Lords and more)

- April 27th - 7pm - Happy Hands (Short, 20m) - by Honey Lauren - (Los Angeles)
- This award winning short doc tells the story of how Hollywood icon, Tippi Hedren, personally conceived and provided the means for twenty of the first Vietnamese refugees to establish themselves as manicurists. Together they established a new industry that became a Vietnamese American Dream.

- April 27th - 7pm - Tough Aint Enough: Conversations With Albert S. Ruddy (Documentary, 53m) - by Gregory J. Bradley
Lee Anthony Smith - (Los Angels, CA)
- Two-Time-Academy-Award-Winning producer, Albert S. Ruddy, tells the lively and touching story of how he fought against all odds to produce some of the most iconic motion pictures and TV shows of all time, including Best Picture winners The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby plus The Cannonball Run and others.

- April 28th - 6:45pm - Broken Side Of Time (Feature, 126m) - by Gorman Bechard - (New Haven, CT & Bay City, MI)
- A road trip where a soon-to-be-retired nude internet model sheds her vices and shoots with her favorite photographers one last time. It's a journey to reclaim the lost pieces of her soul.

- April 30th - 7pm - FILM FINANCE FORUM FOR INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS - FREE EVENT, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - Everything you want to know from Identifying partners with aligned interests, Avenues for revenue generation, Understanding capital structure from private lending to equity vs. debt and bridge financing, Approaching and pitching to lenders and investors, and most of all Closing the deal, and much more... (any filmmaker who's serious about making movies will not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity with our special industry guest)

- May 2nd - 9pm - The Wheatfield (Short, 10m) - by Alexander Smith - (Los Angeles, CA)
- The Wheatfield, a short film written and performed by the esteemed actor Stephen Lang, provides an endearing tale of the Battle of Gettysburg centered through the eyes of an aged Union Soldier,James Jackson Purman, as he vividly recalls his fateful encounters with friends and foe. With a half-century passed since the Battle of Gettysburg, a group of battle weary Civil War veterans gather in harmony, stripping away their former allegiances to north and south in hopes of peaceful fellowship.

- May 3rd - 12pm - Generation Iron (Documentary, 107m) - by Vlad Yudin - (New York, NY)
- Generation Iron is an award-winning documentary narrated by Mickey Rourke. The film chronicles 7 top bodybuilders as they train to compete in the 2012 Mr. Olympia. (Many of the nations finest female and male posers and performers will be in attendance for a pre-show gala - a don't want to miss event for sure)

- May 3rd - 3pm - My Dream Beside Me (Docu-Drama, 84m) by Greg Robbins - (Buffalo, NY)
- My Dream Beside Me is a feature length autobiographical movie based on the true love story of Buffalo's own Paul Rich and Mary Kay Slesinger Rich. At 84 years young Paul lost his wife of 66 years - Mary Kay was married for 34 years and she was left a widow when she was in her mid 60's. After a few years Paul and Mary Kay met and fell in love. This story dares viewers to look closely at the remarkable sight of romance and love at the end of life. This union of marriage is a testimony that people can be strong, vital and full of life at any age. Paul and Mary Kay prove that love can last a lifetime

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