Friday, April 25, 2014

Fostering Dreams Through Dance Launches Crowdfunding Campaign On Indiegogo

Fostering Dreams Through Dance, a Los Angeles based documentary providing a life-changing experience for a group of 10-12 foster youth through the art of dance, seeks initial funding with its new Indiegogo campaign. The project is designed to educate, empower and inspire foster youth to find their voice and follow their dreams. Internationally acclaimed dancer, Melanie Buttarazzi, leads the program – made up of world-renowned choreographers and instructors.

The film begins with a look into the participants’ lives to allow them the opportunity to express the challenges they face and what obstacles they continue to fight, being in the foster care system. These introductions to our participating youth will serve as the backdrop to the dance program they are set to begin. The program itself will be 30-days of dance education and instruction covering styles such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop, Latin and more. The schedule culminates with a live performance choreographed by the youth themselves for friends, family and supporters to see their progress. After the dance program ends, the film will continue to follow up with the group to monitor current social, academic and self improvement.

Combining elements of the documentary, Hoop Dreams, and such performance based shows as So You Think You Can Dance, the Fostering Dreams group is excited to help a group of disenfranchised youth find themselves and discover their voices in a way that they have experienced first hand. Buttarazzi says, “this is going to be an educating and fun experience, not only for these kids, but for everyone involved. To be able to see them grow and transform through this program will be remarkable. We are sure our audience will agree.”

The excitement surrounding the Fostering Dreams Through Dance project comes from understanding the power of dance as a means of expression and the ability to provide a foundation for enrichment and self-actualization to its participants. This Indiegogo campaign is one step toward allowing the project to fulfill our mission to provide world class instruction to world class kids. We greatly appreciate any and all support! Visit to support our campaign!


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