Sunday, April 20, 2014

UBC-TV Offers Distribution For Independent Filmmakers

CEO, President & Founder of UBC-TV Network, Peggy Dodson, prepares for the launch of her network this fall by offering an opportunity for independent filmmakers to solicit their independent films for television distribution.

Urban Broadcasting Company (UBC-TV) is a broadcast multi-media network based in Harlem, New York. "UBC-TV is a network that centers its programming around the untapped Multi-cultural market. There are so many stories untold that are amazing and relevant for our viewing audience. There are even more that are created and produced by unknown talent. UBC-TV wants to empower those creative minds and great stories by offering distribution on our network." states Peggy Dodson. "Harlem in my opinion is the urban capital of the world. UBC-TV's programming is all about the urban lifestyle and culture. We have been long underrepresented in all phases of media. So I have decided to do something about it."

For one month, beginning April 1st until May 1, 2014; independent filmmakers can send DVD's of their film trailers (short films submit full project), their contact information and a one sheet synopsis on their film to UBC-TV mailing address: UBC-TV NETWORK, 2753 Broadway, Suite 111, New York, NY 10025. In addition to their physical submission entries are encouraged to create a Club UBC-TV member profile on the site

Once received all submissions will receive an email of confirmation of receipt. Those submission that UBC-TV wishes to distribute will be invited to a review meeting where the film producers will discuss with UBC-TV decision makers the possibilities of distribution for their film.

All films must be completed and edited projects. Filmmakers must have all rights and clearances to content. UBC-TV is not seeking to invest in the production of titles. Their goal is to ambitiously secure distribution for 100 independent films.

UBC-TV is moving forward towards its national and international cable launch fall 2014. For further info please send all inquiries


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