Saturday, April 12, 2014

Actress Courtney Bandeko partners with Cylence Media Management

Courtney Bandeko brings a refreshing face, amplified talent, tailored craft, and refined technique to film and television. Originally born in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, and raised in Denver, Colorado and parts of rural Missouri; Bandeko is now based in Los Angeles and working to magnify her resume with every aspect of an ambitious entertainer, from Theatre to Feature Films, and in case you're wondering, her own web series. Bandeko signed with Cylence Media Management earlier in the month. CMM is a boutique talent management company providing valuable solutions to clients, specializing in strategic content and talent development; located in West Hollywood, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Courtney Bandeko joins other artists at CMM, including Brendan Dunphy and Cheryl McQueen.

2014 promises to be a banner year for Courtney - her two latest works include "Fullscreen" and an upcoming feature film, "Gilt", scheduled to start shooting next month. Giving Bandeko the thumbs up, and inspiration, to make the cross over to join SAG, known as the dominant union for Screen Actors.

Bandeko has a Bachelor of Arts in theatre performance from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Since then she has intensively studied Meisner, initially at the 'Chris Thatcher Acting Studio' in Boulder, CO, followed by the 'Actor's Workout' with legendary teacher Fran Montano. She is also studying at 'Chekhov Studio International' with the famed Marjo-Riikka Makela, and comedy improv at 'Second City Hollywood'. When she's not beefing up her acting skills, you can find the 'bandekoot' knocking big guys around in a boxing ring.

When checking out Bandeko's website,, you'll be hit with a lifting quote:
"I believe in magic." - Matthew Davis

"That's exactly what she's going to bring to Hollywood," says Mike Williams, Lead Talent Manager at Cylence Media Management; "Magic. Courtney has been fine tuned to give the quality of what you'll find in a luxury brand. She's turning heads here and we're lucky enough to follow for the ride."

Bandeko's inspirations and help has stemmed from all corners, from her High School English/Theater teacher, "Miss Yung, who was there in the beginning, with my first theatrical performance ever." says Bandeko; to Lady Gaga...who "uses her fame and voice to inspire change and acceptance in our culture. She's provocative. She forces us to think about ourselves and our lives in a positive way." adds Bandeko.

When asked what drew her into the industry, Courtney responded "The work is greater than myself, or any one person, and it is the best way I can affect others in a positive way. Art can be so many things, it can be whatever the viewer or creator needs it to be. Art has the power to be the strongest vehicle for change; it can inspire difficult conversations that are often swept under the rug. But it's also so simple that, many times, all it needs to be is a little reminder that there is still beauty in an otherwise ugly world, or simple distraction from surroundings that can be crippling without little glimmers of positivity and hope."

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