Saturday, April 26, 2014

The exciting new blockbuster book, THE LAST ICEBERG ready for film production

Futuristic book author Anne Ousby of: THE LAST ICEBERG lives on the Northumbrian Coast in England. Her stories have been published in anthologies and broadcast on BBC radio.Her stage plays have been performed widely in the area and a television drama , 'Wait till the Summer Comes' was broadcast on ITV. Her first novel 'Patterson's Curse' was published in 2010 by Roomtowrite (

'The Leopard Man' was published in 2012 ,closely followed by The Last Iceberg - her first futuristic novel.
Maya Johnson is a young Crime Operative (CO) in a corrupt, brutal little country in the grip of ever-encroaching deserts. This is her story.

'Okay, so, bet you're glad we survived Global warming? Not that I’m blaming you or anything - that apocalyptic stuff made us think. No point going to war if a mass hurricane might come along any time and stomp us? No, we’re all one big happy family now – the Global State Alliance. We've got Capa's beloved President, Lixir Matthews. We've got the Purity laws and the Status quotient and the spanza Troopers and who freakin cares? Did I say? We've got everything in Capa. We live in moon-time - too freakin hot and dangerous out there in the day. The water's polluted, so we drink C - chemically produced orange piss. We work in our colour coding, we live where our status band allows. It's best not to think, or care, or get involved. That was me until the night I saw the little kid in a prison transport being driven out into the desert and discovered what Matthews was really up to. 'Breeding' a whole army of his elite troopers, going to take over The Globe. Don't care about that. This is personal between him and me. I'm on the run now from his beastie boys, but whatever happens I’m gonna exe him, promise. He messed my life up big time, messed up all our lives. Trouble is there’s others queuing up to do the honours. That’s what this is about – how we’re all trying to get him. He doesn’t make it easy and I’m not sure how it’s gonna pan out but one thing’s certain. You’re next punk!'

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