Monday, April 28, 2014

Family friendly film To "Pull A Stunt" is now available in all digital formats

Genuine Gypsy Productions, Family friendly film To Pull A Stunt is now available in all digital formats
Genuine Gypsy Productions has now released a family friendly indie film called To Pull A Stunt to all digital formats. It was filmed and produced in Northern Virginia starring: Lindsay Patterson, Carina Czipoth, Albert Anderson, William Flynn, and David Buckler. The film is targeted for a young audience.

Producer/Director Wendy Eaton explains: “Folks (mainly adults) who have seen the film told me that it’s cute and great for preteens or tweens, which is music to my ears. This film has a different look and feel to what is out there now. A lot of the stuff I am seeing is really dark and Hollywood is about pushing envelopes, so I wanted to put something out there that didn’t have the language or anything inappropriate and had a brighter feel to it.”

Speaking of music, the soundtrack includes music by the bands Angel Fall and Lucky Day both led by female vocalist/songwriter Victoria Patchen. Wendy adds, “If nothing else you will really enjoy the music. I want to give a shout out to Lucky Day songwriter/bandmate Brian Huber who made this possible as well. Lucky is exactly how I feel, in that I got to include my favorite music.”

The film is really an underdog story about a young stunt player (Lily) of indie films who replaces a legendary stunt woman in a major film and finds that she is not fitting in. Surprisingly though, the top actress (Kate McCloud) reaches out as a friend and Lily also catches the eye of an actor (Tom Briggs). Kate soon notices that it is becoming more dangerous for Lily "to pull a stunt" at the hands of an unwelcoming stunt crew.

“The irony is that the film To Pull A Stunt is a low budget indie film that is about the making of a high dollar major production that sort of makes fun of the stereotypical actions of Hollywood. I didn’t have the money to turn this in to an action adventure with much cooler stunts, so it is more of a light drama”, Wendy reveals.

To Pull a Stunt is now available on the Vimeo Rent/Buy Platform in Full HD, 720p HD, and SD: (Full HD and SD) (720p HD and SD)

Blu-ray/DVDs are being sold on Amazon. Amazon will soon release an online streaming Rent/Buy, but only in SD initially.

For more information on the film, visit the Official website at:

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