Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Casting Valdes incorporates GlobalCastingPro.com platform

International casting company Casting Valdes recently began requiring talent to sign up online at https://GlobalCastingPro.com in order to be considered for the projects they are casting. Casting Valdes co-owner Jorge Valdés-Garcia said today, "GlobalCastingPro.com makes it possible for us to work more efficiently and at the same time provide more convenience and benefits to both talent and directors.  It makes perfect sense to use the technology available to simplify and improve the casting process and our productivity."  Casting Valdes was founded in 1999 by Valdés-Garcia and Sara Bachelder and casts talent for films, tv, commercials and print. "Casting for big budget Hollywood films shot on locations outside the US generally require us to recruit, process, cast, call and pay thousands of extras and local actors to meet the needs of the production and that often means very long hours. GlobalCastingPro makes the casting process flow more smoothly and saves everyone time."  Valdes-Garcia and Bachelder have cast talent on locations in Mexico for films such as Limitless (Relativity Media, 2011), Fast and Furious (Universal Pictures/Relativity Media/Original Film, 2009), and Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Walt Disney Pictures, 2008

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