Friday, October 10, 2014

7th Annual 2014 Downbeach Film Festival Atlantic City Cinefest Official Selections

2014 DownBeach Film Festival Atlantic City Cinefest official selections & film times. for more info and to purchase tickets log onto;

Blocks that begin with DH are shown at Dante Hall Theater.
Friday, 10/24/14
DH-1 7:30-8:30pm $8
LGBT Series
Rick (12m)
Ashley (93m)

Saturday, 10/25/14
DH-2 12-1:45pm $8
LGBT Series
The Last Straight Man (110m)
DH-3 2-3:45pm $8
LGBT Series
Lady Peacock (80m)

DH-4 4:15pm-5:45pm $8
LGBT Series
Narcissist (17m)
Gay Positive (58m)

DH-5 6-7:30pm $8
LGBT Series
The Coffee Shop (90m)

Sunday, 10/26/14
DH-7 12-2pm $8
Into the Dark (15m)
The Juliana Incident (11m)
Dispossessed (15m)
The Man from the City (11m)
The Beacon (60m)

DH 2:15PM
The Jersey Devil (90m)

DH-8 2:15-4:15pm $8
Skyyler Short (1m)
Point Society (25m)
Dink (26m)
African Exodus (73m)

DH-9 4:30-6pm $8
Garden State Block
New Jersey 350 (10m)
Love and Hate Relations (10m)
Hacked and Hunted (16m)
Slave Master (45m)
Blocks that begin with AG are shown within walking distance at The Noyes Arts Garage.
Saturday, 10/25/14
AG-1 12-1:45pm $8
Student Series
Butterfly Dreams (22m)

iTeen (37m)
Grafters (22m)
Frank and Franklin (15m)

AG-2 2-2:30pm $8
Six by Four ShortiesKyle Dotson Vs The Universe (4m)
Widow (4m)
Run Out (4m)
Last Leaf (2m)
Dodgem Paradiso (1m)
Lonely Monster (1m)Five by Two Shorties
Blue (5m)
Human Monsters (5m)

AG-3 3:15-5pm $8
My Better Half (7m)
Rye Coalition (78m)
Cathy Knows Best (9m)

AG-4 5:15 to 7:30 p.m.$8
Patrol (15m)
This Time Next Year (110m)

Sunday, 10/26/14
AG-5 12-1:45pm $8
Poison (23m)
Sin Fronteras (Without Borders) (79m)

AG-6 2-4pm $8

Stories of Alyx and Anton (15m)
Find Your Way (97m)

AG-7 4-6pm $8
Pioneers and Heroes (41m)
Prison Through Tomorrow's Eyes (56m)
Wheels of Soul (24m)

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