Thursday, October 23, 2014

True Story Narrative Feature Film - Kickstarter Crowdfunding - Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir

The Purpose , Direction and Action
What is the Goal?

To produce a dynamic film that follows the life of Norma, support and engage a platform for the Beneficial's - March of Dimes , Ruth Lyons , Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation ,  Riley Children's Hospital and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - All of which Either Directly Touched Me and My family or Impacted the Quality of life in death for my Mother ... These are organizations are critical to millions and through the benevolence of the platform, generate additional awareness, inclusion & proceeds as a result ...

Hello, My name is Kris Courtney and I am man with multiple birth defects, amputations and mobility challenges that continue to play a part in my life. And myLife - Is About ABILITY!!!

I am an Artist, Author of both paper & film! MyKICKSTARTER Project is based upon the True Story Memoir of Norma Jean's Sun and is Currently LIVE! I am sending this email to make initial contact with your corporate and inform you that my efforts are geared entirely towards an End result of establishing a platform and voice to all that may find Hope & Inspiration.

This Feature Narrative Film is about the life of my Mother Norma and her family history of struggle to become the mother of a child with needs beyond any comprehension of the day and what lifes avenues presented all the while retaining the Grace and Beauty that she held. Only to find in the end an ending that will touch your core! Born with multiple birth defects, amputations and the isolation of pain, My life began with the enduring of 20 surgeries to function or walk in a world of normalcy only to be a springboard for escape and illusion. Throughout all, Norma retained the Grace and Dignity of a Woman who knew her purpose and direction! Her iconic image inspires today and will present a platform and audience into a never before filmed area of life inside a family struggling to accept reason!

Ultimately, proceeds and benefits from this Film will be allocated and endorsing those of Colon Cancer, St Judes and the Riley's Children hospital along with the Ruth Lyons Foundation. All of which either touched my life directly or in some capacity, Improved the quality of our life ...

In Summary, I am contacting you to encourage, engage and at a Social Media level distribute-tweet-post any information or LINK to this effort. The initial costs of Film Production and the Benevolence of Talent involved will require $390,000 initially to produce. It is our target goal to participate in the 2016 Film Festival Season. In the first 48 hours, although we have only tapped the surface, I have gained the forwarding support of various entities including film industry media outlets! Everything you see thus far, is solely done by myself - Everything! I am on a frugal fixed income, creative in heart and spirit, determined and need your help, please ... The end result as spoken by very many - "Give it away in order to Keep it" I am asking for a Benevolent extension of participation to be a part of a message bigger than most are capable of visualizing. I know 'You are Fully aware of that cost and vision!

Thank you, I look forward to your response and being a part of this project!


In the recent year past, I have finished composing the working Screenplay using the Professional Film Industry Standard “Final Draft” Software.  This was an entirely new adventure for me and presented many obstacles to overcome.  In years past while living in Santa Fe, NM I have had the honor & privilege to associate with many of the most talented people in the industry and have reached a point of production!  Through consultation with gifted artists, I embarked upon transforming the memory of my life and those contained into a descriptive, graphic emotional journey that will take the audience from hope and tragedy and carry them into a conclusion that will leave you asking yourself questions and searching for answers to follow...

Captured by circumstance of events rather than virtue of birth rights, a family is set upon a direction that will alter course to yield penalty.

As a Registered Script, this Book & Film are now protected by the US Copyrights Office and the WGA (Writers Guild of America) both East & West!

WGA Registration number - I267790

However, on this summer night at the fair, two innocent lives came together, orchestrated somehow, to play out a scene only rehearsed many times before; to embark on a journey that began at its fullest, full of encouragement and hope. Still young enough to shed any inconvenient thought of damp, unwelcome sorrows…


This Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, once successfully funded, will establish the core support for the location and talent necessary to begin production. Target Date Release 2016

- This film is a passionate True Story with a Human Connection

- The locations will include Original Individuals, Location and Iconic Image

- This story will impact you at the moment you identify your own struggles

- There has NEVER been a Film of this Genre and Impact Storyline

- Awesome Rewards for every backer as a big thank you. You pick what Level of Benevolence

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