Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hillary's House a New Comedy Show Coming in January

She can while away the hour’s conferencing with the flowers searching for her brain. She could yell at her Generals and give away the country if she wins the White House.

Part fact maybe; a little bit of fiction, YES but it is one of the funniest close to reality shows about what it would be like if Hillary Clinton won the White House

Because Image if you will The White House being run by someone with Alzheimer's. YES One Crazy President with One Super Horny Husband and One completely Insane for Power Daughter. This could be the New America. A cartoon series coming out on You Tube in late January 2015

Hillary’s House is a weekly half hour show that will cover the first term of President Clinton’s years in the White House and all the insane crazy things she will pull. The Show features Hillary, Bill, Chelsea along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi along with some special guest stars from the Clinton's past such as her new Sectary of Defense Anthony Weiner.

Oh America, Hillary is back and scarier than ever.

Will ISIS become her new best friends? Will she Nuke Britain because What Difference WILL it Make what she does? Will Bill have day and night sex parties in the Oval Office? Will Chelsea really run the Country? Watch Hillary’s House coming out on You Tube In late January to find the answer to these and many other Presidential questions.

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