Saturday, October 11, 2014

Justice Is Mind Arrives on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Justice Is Mind, the critically acclaimed psychological courtroom drama that has been screening at theatres, law schools and science fiction conventions in North America, is pleased to announce its release to both Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video.  Amazon Prime members have free access to Justice Is Mindand is available as a $1.99 rental and $4.99 buy option on Amazon Instant Video. Justice Is Mindis also available in HD on supported devices for a $2.99 rental and $5.99 buy option. Justice Is Mind was distributed to Amazon by KinoNation.

“Justice Is Mind’s release onto one of the leading VOD platforms represents a great milestone for the film,” said writer/director Mark Lund. “As a filmmaker I’ve worked with Amazon Instant Video for years but the addition of Amazon Prime will make the film available to an additional tens of millions that have an annual subscription to that service.”

Set in the near future where advanced MRI technology can read your memory, Justice Is Mind follows businessman and restaurant owner Henri Miller who has been afflicted with unexplained headaches since childhood. When he has the new FVMRI procedure and it reveals that he has allegedly shot and killed two people, the trial of the century begins in which Miller is faced with his own memory at trial. But all is not as it seems as a dark family secret, held by Henri’s minister father Joseph, reveals itself in the courtroom. The official trailer can be viewed at this link:

The original idea for Justice Is Mind came to Lund in 2009 when he saw a 60 Minutes episode on ‘thought Identification mind reading’ technology being developed at Carnegie Mellon University. In July 2013, the year Justice Is Mind was released, The Atlantic published a story titled “Could the Government Get a Search Warrant for Your Thoughts.” It was just this past August in 2014 that a story in the International Business Times “Mind Reader: Meet The Man Who Records and Stores Your Thoughts, Dreams and Memories” reported on a company that is pioneering this technology.  For additional information, and Amazon's link, please visit Justice Is Mind’s official website

Lund adds, “With the science of mind reading and privacy front and center in the news, this has certainly helped in bringing audiences into theaters and developing a following prior to our VOD release.”

Since its world premiere on August 18, 2013 in Albany, New York at the Capital District Film Festival,Justice Is Mind has screened all over New England with stops in Canada, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and California which included the University of Mississippi School of Law, University of Boston School of Law, Carnegie Mellon University and VCON, Vancouver, Canada’s premiere science fiction convention.

Justice Is Mind’s next theatrical screening will be its International Premiere on Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth ocean liner on October 29, 2014 during a Mediterranean cruise. Prior to the screening, Lund will present a filmmaking seminar to guests.

Justice Is Mind [], running time 153 minutes, stars Vernon Aldershoff (Henri Miller), Robin Ann Rapoport (Margaret Miller), Paul Lussier (John Darrow) and Kim Gordon (Constance Smith). Co-starring Richard Sewell (Joseph Miller), Michele Mortensen (Maria Miller), Carlyne Fournier (Dr. Eve Pullman), Dmitri Aldershoff (Gary Miller), Chara Gannett (Nancy Miller), Mary Wexler (Judge Wagner), Jesse Mangan (Brian Kovski) and Steven Scott (Police Detective).

About writer/director Mark Lund
Mark Lund is a television personality, film producer, director and writer. An award winning magazine publisher and thrice award nominated screenwriter, he has produced and directed for television (commercials) and stage. As a TV personality, Lund starred on FOX’s Skating with Celebrities and served as a TV analyst for the sport of figure skating for over ten years most notably for CNN during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Lund’s first screenplay, First World, a science fiction drama, was nominated for three screenplay awards and later condensed to a short film version that screened in several countries. He is the author of Frozen Assets and First World: Covenant. Lund wroteJustice Is Mind in 2010 and produced a short film version, Evidence, in 2011 that led to the financing of the feature film. Justice Is Mind had its world premiere in 2013 and has been screening at theatres, universities and science fiction conventions and is now available on video on demand. Lund is currently developing SOS United States, a political thrille

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