Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is this the best book teaser trailer ever?

 The CGI teaser trailer for Beyond The Gloaming, lovingly crafted by celebrated Berlin filmmaker, Kaleb Lechowski is released today.The novel itself - Book I of Sebastian and the Hibernauts, the YA fantasy series by Melbourne author, Brendan Murphy - is released.

Kaleb, a 24 year old Berlin filmmaker, shot to fame with his six-minute CGI classic, R’Ha. It has received almost fourteen million hits across YouTube and Vimeo posts, catching the attention of Hollywood, where it is to be turned into a feature length film directed by Kaleb and produced by Star Wars producer, Rick McCallum. The two-minute Beyond The Gloaming teaser trailer was made whilst R'ha was in preproduction and has a score by Welsh composer, Sam Redfern.

Sebastian and the Hibernauts, explores the psychological and moral landscape of a brutalised boy turning teenager and is both an homage to Celtic mythology and an allegory of the Troubles in Ireland. In the first instalment, a cowardly Yorkshire lad must brave the ghostly Gloaming to save the Celtic dreamworld of his ancestors. Beyond The Gloaming introduces Hibercadia, a world brimful of hunkypunks and gobbleratches, quizzing glasses and magic shillelaghs, mechanical fireworks and night rainbows, tragedy and joy. Assent Publishing's President, Les Denton, is 'thrilled to have this fantastic YA series at Phantasm Books'.

For more information on the book visit Brendan Murphy at or For more information on Kaleb Lechowski, please visit Facebook (, Vimeo (, or Tumblr ( For more information on Sam Redfern, please visit

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