Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DJ Perry Signs Onto Sci-Fi/Western “WASTELAND”

Wasteland – Tales of the Desert” harkens back to the 1981’s "HEAVY METAL" animated movie but in live action.  Several intertwined stories take place in this harsh world with a rock music backdrop. Rugged cowboy-like characters sling handheld magnetic rail guns and Sky Marshals patrol the wastelands in their space ships searching for wrong doers.

Gray Day Films, LLC in association with Collective Development Inc. will shot the first segment this December in the Valley of Fire State Park outside Las Vegas, Nevada. The first actor signed onto the project is international actor/producer DJ Perry. He’s already made himself at home in the western genre with films such as “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” (Lionsgate),  “Miracle at Sage Creek” (Universal) and even fantasy westerns like “Judges” (Anthem).

"DJ's ability to portray rough and gritty characters makes him an absolutely perfect fit for the world in Wasteland, and I couldn't be more excited to have him on board with the project. He's bringing a rawness to his role that everyone else on screen benefits from."

– Kevin Buchholz, director

TV Producer turned Writer/Director Kevin Buchholz, seeks to turn "Wasteland" from its humbling beginnings as a short film into his directorial feature-film debut.

Pre-Production and casting for Part 1, which will shoot in December are fully underway, with the remaining segments expected to be shot in 2015.

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