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Christopher Nation of "So In Love" Wins Award in Accolade Global Film Competition

Christopher Nation, has won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Global Film Competition along with Gowdy Manor Productions for Christopher Nation's exciting short "So In Love" (a Michael Maguire production), which depicts teenage pregnancy and the difficult choices teens need to face, sometimes with little or no support. "So in Love" features an exceptional young cast of up-and-comings: Eastynn Chadwick, Christian Hutcherson, Sophia Linkletter, Ashley Jermaine, and Bridget Jeske. The movie was filmed in Anaheim, Calif., USA and in Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico.

So In Love is an international effort with cast and crew from around the globe including Executive Producer Michael Maguire from Australia and Executive Producer Ian Reed from London. The music for the film was composed and conducted by George Xoulogis from Denmark.

Executive Producer Michael Maguire, was drawn to the film because it addresses an important social issue and does so in a completely non-judgmental way. Producer Michael Maguire said “As a teenager, I remember my own family being touched by unplanned teenage pregnancy. It is something that can affect anyone. I was very impressed with Christopher Nation’s vision of making a film about unplanned teenage pregnancy, and doing so in a way that was supportive, non-judgmental, and thought provoking.”

Producer, Kellee Harris, speaks of So In Love and its win, "This film demonstrates a very important message that is common in society today, specifically among teenagers. While reading the script and watching the actors and the crew make the movie come alive, it really made me wish that I had a movie like this when I was a teenager. It’s an inspiring story with a lovely message-- and that’s why I wanted to be a part of this film.  I believed in Christopher Nation’s vision and idea. The movie has come a very long way and we have all worked hard to accomplish its success, but it has been a pleasure. My hopes for this film is to watch its growing success at the film festival circuits, so that it can spread the word and reach more teenagers that need this message in their life."

Leading actress, Eastynn Chadwick describes her character, Sara, and what it was like to take her journey and make it her own on screen,  "I connected with Sara because she's very naive, and is confused as to what to do with the situation she's encountered. It was fun helping her make decisions and holding her hand along the way.  I feel so very honored that I got to work with such an amazing cast and crew." When asked what it was like to work with leading actor, Hutcherson, she confides, "It was fun kissing--I mean WORKING--with Christian Hutcherson.  He's an amazing, talented actor and I feel I have learned a lot from him--including square dancing And finally, Chadwick's message to the crew, "Thanks for the opportunity Christopher Nation, it was a pleasure working with you. Stephen Dixonmy wonderful mother, Ian Reed, Cynthia Justice, Alan Baltes, KaiCarra, and everyone else on the crew, I'd like to thank you and all of your hard work and dedication toward  making So In Love come alive. I hope to see and work with everyone sometime in the future."

Christian Hutcherson shares what he has learned through playing "David", Sara's boyfriend in the movie, "I think the film touches on the point that it can be beneficial for others to see that bad decisions can have consequences. Making a decision that fits a person's needs (such as the character, David that I play) shouldn't only be made on the mere fact of what is best for them, BUT it should be made on the thought, 'What will be the outcome for everyone involved?' Just because a person can do something, doesn't necessarily mean they should.

Finally, Christopher Nation, Writer and Director of So In Love, describes his elation of winning through a hearty, "Woo-HOO! We did it!" On a more serious note, he says of the movie's subject, "teenage pregnancy is a relevant issue, and will be for quite some time." Nation, a gracious Director, thanks his cast and crew from the bottom of his heart, and is sharing recognition with his talented cast and dedicated crew.

The Accolade recognizes film, television, videography and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity, and those who produce standout entertainment or contribute to profound social change. Entries are judged by highly qualified professionals in the film and television industry. Information about the Accolade and a list of recent winners can be found

In winning an Accolade for “So In Love” (a Michael Maguire production), Christopher Nation, and Gowdy Manor Productions, joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award.Rick Prickett, who chairs The Accolade Global Film Competition, had this to say about the latest winners, “The Accolade is not an easy award to win. Entries are received from around the world from powerhouse companies to remarkable new talent. The Accolade helps set the standard for craft and creativity. The judges were pleased with the exceptional high quality of entries. The goal of The Accolade is to help winners achieve the recognition they deserve.”

It truly is a remarkable award and happy event. As Hutcherson says, "Life is a journey and a learning curve." When a movie communicates that well and is honored, Chadwick describes [It is rewarding to do] "the things one loves, AND deliver a very important message at the same time."

For more information call Christopher Nation at +1 702 350 0592 or visit the “So In Love” website at (

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