Thursday, October 30, 2014

MOVIE SPOTLIGHT - "Wrestling With Life"

Wrestling With Life  

A documentary feature film 
by Chris Bohlender

Produced by David Nowick 

'Wrestling Brings the Light' 

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After losing his twin brother to cancer Dave Nowick is left to fulfill his brother's parting wish: "Take care of our wrestling club." Coach Dave walks the fine line between winning and personal growth in elite kids sports, finding new perspective and healing along the way.

Dave is faced with the challenge of grieving for his brother, while running a nationally ranked kids wrestling club. Walking the fine line between winning and personal growth in elite kids sports proves to be difficult but ultimately fulfilling.

WRESTLING WITH LIFE follows Mile High Wrestling Club through the 2012-2013 season, leading up to the prestigious Tulsa Kids Nationals. The film details the intense training youth wrestlers endure, as well as the tremendous expectations that are placed on kids as young as five years of age.

WRESTLING WITH LIFE also delves into the Nowick twins' upbringing immersed in the sport of wrestling, relating humorous as well as inspiring anecdotes. These stories reveal a life of profound dedication to the sport and to each other. Commentary from masters of the sport, including NCAA Champions and professional MMA fighters, is also included which details the physical, mental and spiritual riches this monastic lifestyle offers.

Despite his early tribulations, Dave ultimately finds resolution of his grief and new found inspiration as the wrestling season ends. He returns to his family and his life invigorated, having resolved his brothers legacy into four words: 'Wrestling Brings The Light.'

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Wrestling with Life

Wrestling with Life: Stories of My Life Immersed in the Sport of Wrestling - Phil Nowick - Google Books

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